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Based in Houston, Texas, G&C Coatings is a full-service provider of industrial and commercial coatings, blasting treatments and fireproofing solutions. We serve a broad range of industries and possess specialized expertise in subsea, offshore, oil & gas, and pipeline sectors. At G&C, it is our goal to prevent costly downtime, speed your manufacturing process, and ensure a superior return on your equipment investment.

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While we complete most projects in our 30-acre Houston facility, we are also equipped to complete your project in the field—including disassembly and reassembly—when transport is not possible. G&C’s comprehensive service offerings include:

Protective coatings are the final and critical step in the manufacturing of carbon steel materials since the end products are subjected to extreme weather and environmental conditions. To prepare fabricated surfaces for these demanding applications, G&C created an indoor, climate-controlled facility with dedicated blasting booths, painting areas, and assembly space.

G&C proudly serves every type of steel manufacturer in the Greater Houston area as well as worldwide, and we are committed to expediting the coating process. Located near the Houston ship channel, G&C Coatings is in a prime location ship and receive your equipment post-coating or surface treatment worldwide. It is common for manufacturers to be faced with a bottleneck when products are transported for painting and finishing, so G&C streamlines this stage by applying coatings simultaneously to every part of a major fabricated product. Parts may include skids, piping, pumps, roofs, and miscellaneous fall-off components.

About the Owners

G&C Coatings is owned by Justin Greenwood and Camaron Cox. Friends since the age of 10, Justin and Camaron decided several years ago to leverage their expertise and build an industry-leading blasting and coatings facility.

Justin Greenwood has over a decade of experience in the machining and manufacturing industries, with a focus on upstream oilfield, subsea, and offshore projects. Camaron Cox’s manufacturing & coating expertise spans more than 13 years, and he specializes in upstream oilfield projects, midstream pipeline projects, and downstream petrochemical projects.

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Exceeding client expectations at every project phase, the G&C team is pleased to provide no-obligation estimates for new and returning customers. Contact us by phone or through our secure online form to request a consultation or discuss blasting and coating options for your upcoming industrial or commercial project.

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