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Flammable materials pose significant risks to businesses, and these risks must be mitigated to optimize institutional safety standards and minimize the risk of process interruptions and damage to property, inventory, and other assets. Storage vessels, pipes, and other elements that come in close contact with volatile chemicals and combustible agents should be treated with fire-retardant and flame-resistant coatings to guard against fire danger.

Flame-Resistant Coating Classifications

Flame-resistant coatings are classified in two main ways. First, ASTM E-84 test procedures quantify the speed at which flames will spread across a treated surface, along with the amount of smoke produced by the flames. ASTM E-84 classifications include the following ratings:

  • Class A (Class I): 0 to 25 (flame spread rate), 0 to 50 (smoke development rate)
  • Class B (Class II): 26 to 75 (flame spread rate), 51 to 125 (smoke development rate)
  • Class C (Class III): 76 to 200 (flame spread rate), 126 to 200 (smoke development rate)

The lower a coating's flame spread and smoke development rate, the more effectively it protects against fire risks. A second system, known as the ASTM E-119 fire test protocol, defines hourly ratings for treated materials and surfaces.

G&C Fireproofing Services

At G&C Coatings, we offer the following fireproof coating services:

Our expert technicians have extensive experience with fire-retardant treatments for industrial materials, and we can help you select the optimal treatment strategy for your application. All fireproofing treatments and coatings are extensively tested in challenging conditions to ensure they meet the most demanding performance needs.

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