Garnet Abrasive Blasting

Partnering with clients throughout the Greater Houston area, G&C Coatings provides garnet abrasive blasting that delivers superior surface quality and improves surface coating adherence. Available in a variety of grades from fine to coarse, garnet abrasive blasting is trusted for a broad range of industrial applications.

Garnet Blasting Applications

Garnet is a semi-precious stone obtained from Andradite and Almandite deposits and is recognized for its hardness, durability, and sharp edges. Cost effective and eco-friendly, it is used for wet and dry blast cleaning. Garnet blasting uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Steelwork & steel maintenance
  • Shipbuilding & vessel repair
  • Marine fouling & rust removal
  • Vehicle & heavy equipment repair
  • Powder coating & blast room applications
  • Offshore platform & pipeline repair
  • Denim blasting
  • Waterjet cutting
  • Industrial painting prep
  • Hangar deck & fiberglass hull maintenance

Advantages of Garnet Blasting

As a low consumption, recyclable natural abrasive, garnet abrasive blasting delivers many proven benefits:

  • Precision feathering for weld seams and construction damage.
  • Low dust levels for optimal safety in confined workspaces.
  • Low grit transfer, making it ideal for surfaces requiring quality coating adhesion.
  • Ability to produce smooth surfaces & uniform profiles.
  • High durability that allows for product reuse in many situations.
  • Non-toxic with low free-silica levels, allowing for safe use and environmentally friendly disposal.
  • Superior cleaning rate over conventional abrasives.
  • Clean, cost-effective alternative to lower performing abrasives.

Garnet Blasting by G&C

Tailoring solutions to your budget and application objectives, G&C prides itself on client-focused service and superior quality workmanship. To discuss garnet blasting or match garnet size and cut to suit your operation, contact our knowledgeable team by phone or online inquiry. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you & your garnet abrasive blasting needs!

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