Onsite Touch-Up Coatings

The G&C Coating team is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service, as dictated by our internally developed and fully comprehensive quality control protocol. As part of our service pledge, we offer a flexible and convenient range of field services, including onsite touch-up for cosmetically damaged and aging equipment.

The benefits of careful equipment maintenance are well documented. Companies that make strategic investments in maintaining the tools and machines that drive their productivity are able to (1) retain superior levels of efficiency, (2) reduce downtime, and (3) prevent costly interruptions to business activities. Moreover, equipment maintenance helps extend the service life of your components, keeping costs under control while delaying or avoiding costly replacements that can disrupt budget initiatives.

G&C Coatings Touch-Up & Maintenance Value Proposition

Our technicians provide thorough consultations and draw on their extensive experience to recommend touch-ups and treatments that boost the performance of existing equipment. We can also help your team avoid inconveniences, hassles, and unnecessary expenses. The G&C Coatings onsite touch-up and equipment maintenance value proposition covers:

  • Elite expertise with a complete suite of blast media, surface preparation techniques, and industry-leading technologies.
  • Expert sandblasting services to remove dense buildups of rust and caked-on debris.
  • Metal surface repair and fabrication services.
  • Paint refurbishing to restore the original appearance of used equipment.

We maintain an extensive inventory of OEM-approved paints and surface treatment products, which are supplemented by the industry's broadest selection of epoxy, polyurethane, and fireproof coatings to improve workplace safety and protect material assets from premature wear and breakdown. If you're not able to bring your equipment to our state-of-the-art East Houston facility, we will gladly dispatch touch-up technicians to your job site.

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G&C Coatings is pleased to serve clients located throughout the greater Houston area. Our specialized experience lies in the petrochemical and oil and gas industries, including upstream, midstream, downstream, subsea, and offshore sectors. To obtain a project estimate or request service, please contact G&C Coatings at 832-376-2401 or online today.

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