Equipment Refurbish & Repair Services

Over time, serviceable industrial equipment can start to look worn-down and tired, even when it still has many years of remaining service life. If you want to improve the appearance of your business assets without making massive investments in new equipment, our paint refurbishing and repair services deliver a convenient and cost-effective solution.

For your convenience, G&C offers:

  • Extensive expertise with a full range of blast media
  • Precision surface preparation techniques
  • Sandblasting services to remove even very heavy buildups of rust
  • In-house metal surface repair services
  • Professional paint refurbishing that makes used equipment look brand new
  • A broad selection of OEM-approved paints and surface treatment products to ensure your equipment conforms to desired specifications

Whether your equipment needs minor touch-ups or full-scale surface refurbishment, we have the skills and capacity to get the job done quickly and affordably.

Our Facility

G&C’s paint refurbishing and repair services are performed at an advanced facility located in East Houston. The 35,000-square foot indoor painting facility is climate-controlled and carefully monitored to ensure optimal conditions. Touch-up work is completed in a dedicated 17,625-square foot zone. We also have six spray and blasting booths, including two 80' x 25' x 25' bays for handling large-scale projects.

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In addition to paint refurbishing and repairs, we also provide a complete suite of epoxy, polyurethane and industrial enamel coating services. These treatments offer enhanced surface protection that can greatly improve equipment performance while extending its lifespan and guarding against the harmful effects of chemical exposure and oxidation. We also perform shop priming and tank lining treatments, along with specialized surface coatings for equipment exposed to extreme temperatures.

To learn more about our paint refurbishing, surface repair and industrial coating services, or to request an accurate no-obligation project estimate, please contact a G&C Coatings customer service representative by phone or secure online submission.

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