Pour, Spray, Trowel Fireproofing

Our fireproofing solutions can be applied using several proven techniques, depending on the physical characteristics of the material being treated. Poured, sprayed and trowel-applied fireproof coatings optimize safety and performance, all while mitigating the risks of downtime, damage and injury.

Fireproof coatings inhibit the passage and spread of flames while reducing smoke generation. They are classified based on their performance during ASTM E-84 and ASTM E-119 testing, with Class A/Class I coatings offering the most effective levels of protection. These treatments can be applied to a complete range of industrial materials, including steel, metals, and alloys—along with building and construction components such as wood and masonry.

Benefits of Fireproof Coatings

Our fireproof coatings and treatments have all been extensively tested using protocols defined by independent regulatory bodies. Their proven benefits include:

  • Extension of the treated material's service life span, since fireproof coatings also guard against corrosion while improving overall durability.
  • Vastly improved safety standards that protect employees as well as property, inventory and other business assets.
  • Reduction of process interruptions and downtime risks.

Fireproofing Treatments & Coatings by G&C

At G&C Coatings, our expert technicians offer decades of experience with pouring, spraying and troweling techniques—so your treated materials will meet performance expectations even in the most challenging conditions. Our thorough quality control system, based on ISO 9001 (2008) standards, enables us to deliver systematized application techniques that maximize your cost-value proposition. We are constantly upgrading our skills to reflect changing best practices, and all on-site work is performed at a state-of-the-art facility equipped with industry-leading technologies.

To learn more about G&C fireproofing treatments and coatings, or to obtain a project estimate and request further information, contact G&C Coatings today!

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