Shop Primer Coatings

Shop primers are typically used in preconstruction processes to protect steel during handling, storage, and transport without affecting the material's cutting or welding properties. Specifically, shop primers provide effective protection against corrosion, which can occur if steel is left in storage for extended periods of time, or if it is exposed to environmental factors that would otherwise degrade its integrity.

Beyond providing corrosion protection, shop primers also serve as secondary surface preparation agents. They enhance the steel substrate's ability to withstand the abrasions and chemical exposures that occur during typical production processes. When properly deployed, shop primers can also support efficient cutting, welding, and forming, increasing overall production speed and helping companies control costs while improving quality and performance.

Marine and Industrial Shop Primers

In today's marine environments, productivity demands are at an all-time high, with many companies seeking a competitive edge through superior efficiency. At the same time, government regulations limiting the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are changing the way shipyards and marine clients are sourcing their shop primer needs. At G&C Coatings, we offer a broad range of shop primer technologies specially formulated for use in marine environments and manufacturing processes. Our marine shop primers support efficiency initiatives and improve materials performance, all while meeting demanding legislative and consumer protection requirements.

Houston Shop Prime Experts

Other industries have differing needs when it comes to shop primers. For many companies outside the marine industry, shop primers must provide enhanced corrosion protection while facilitating the rapid handling of raw materials and helping create a problem-free, efficient workflow. Specialized processes, like laser-powered welding and cutting, also create a demand for shop primers with highly specific performance characteristics. The technical team at G&C Coatings is here to meet your needs, no matter what they might be.

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