Coating & Protective Services for Upstream

The upstream sector of the oil and gas industry requires products that perform reliably in extreme weather and field conditions. Underground and underwater exploration and production are integral parts of the upstream oil and gas sector, and these processes expose pipes and other field equipment to a range of potentially harmful agents. The professionals at G&C Coatings offer an efficient and affordable solution through our complete suite of industrial coatings and blasting treatments. Our processes are proven to help upstream oilfield equipment resist corrosive and damaging substances.

Benefits to Partnering with G&C Coatings for Upstream Oil & Gas Solutions

At G&C Coatings, we provide internal and external pipe coatings and protective treatments that help these essential pieces of frontline equipment perform more safely and reliably. Our protective coatings are top-of-the-line, serving as an anti-corrosion barrier. Industry-specific benefits of our services include:

  • Reduction of damage to pipes and equipment during transport and set-up.
  • Improved directional drilling efficiencies.
  • Enhancement of product flow rates.
  • Extension of equipment life.
  • Reduction of employee downtime and maintenance tasks.
  • Improved environmental safety and workplace conditions.

Our treatments provide protection against a list of potential threats, including temperature extremes, pressure extremes, corrosive agents, acidic and alkaline substances, abrasions, and degradation. Most importantly, the G&C team provides fast, professional service, and we are capable of meeting high-volume needs and tight turnaround times at our state-of-the-art facility.

Why Choose G&C?

With decades of combined industry experience, G&C is proud to offer:

  • Manual or automated application of high-performing industrial coatings, including epoxies, polyurethanes, tank liners, high-temperature coatings and more.
  • Attentive expertise in guiding customer coating and treatment selections.
  • An advanced knowledge of industry technologies and best practices.
  • Courteous service and expedited project completion.

To learn more or inquire about the suitability of specific coatings and treatments for your upstream oilfield project, contact a G&C Coatings team member by phone or email today!

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